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The Wead Library will be using Beanstack as a tool for our patrons to track their reading goals. There will be library sponsored challenges each month. 

Information on how to sign up can be found below! 

How to Sign Up:

Mobile App

  • Go to the app store

  • Type in
    "Beanstack Tracker"

  • Install


  • Open the app

  • Tap "Let's Go"

  • Tap "At my library, school, or bookstore."

  • Search for "Wead Library"

  • Select our library.


  • Scroll down to
    "Create an Account"

  • Select "Register an Individual or Family"

  • Answer the questions.


  • Register for challenges and start logging your reading !


Internet Browser

  • Go to the website



  • Scroll down to
    "Create an Account"

  • Select "Register an Individual or Family"

  • Answer the questions.

  • Register for challenges and start logging your reading !


Current Challenges

Image 4-2-23 at 10.03 PM.jpeg

Welcome to Beanstack is an ongoing challenge.
This should be the first challenge you participate in. Welcome to Beanstack allows you to practice logging your reading, completing activities, and earning badges.

Discover the Solar Eclipse.png

March 5, 2024 - 
April 8, 2024

Discover the solar eclipse! On April 8, 2024, the Sun, Moon, and Earth will align for a total eclipse of the Sun. Learn more about how to
experience this phenomenal event.
Log your reading and activities to earn badges throughout the challenge.

Beanstack FAQs

Check back here for corrections, updates, and frequently asked questions!

What is Beanstack?


Beanstack is a service provided by the Wead Library that will offer fun reading challenges. Beanstack is a great way to keep track of all the books you read which allows you to participate in Wead Library reading challenges, and helps you get closer to winning prizes. 

When you register for a Beanstack account for yourself or your family, you’re instantly connected to our reading challenges, so you’ll get credit for every minute, every page and every activity.

Beanstack tracks your reading, connects you to friends, cheers you on while you work towards your reading challenge goals, and lets you know when you’ve earned digital rewards or the chance to win a prize. 

Even when there are no Wead Library challenges available in Beanstack, your reading history is kept on your Beanstack account, and you can continue to use it to log your reading. When the next library challenge comes around, no need to re-register—just click on it, and you’re in.

Understanding Beanstack Terminology
Account Creator: The person who initially signs up and creates the Beanstack account.
Reader: Any person participating in reading challenges.
Adventure/Challenge: Interchangeable terms in Beanstack, both referring to programs you and or your family members are participating in (e.g., Welcome to Beanstack, Bingo Reading Challenge, Summer Reading, etc.)
Badge: Virtual rewards for reaching certain milestones within challenges.
Reader Experience/Dashboard: Each reader has their o
wn main page within an account. 
Reading Log: Shows what books (number of books/minutes, title, and author) the Reader has logged.

How do I log my reading or activities?

The Beanstack Tracker app makes it easy. You can download the Beanstack Tracker app to your Apple or Android device from the Google Play or Apple App Store. If you prefer, you can also log your reading and progress by logging into your account on the Beanstack website. 

May I add more than one reader to my account?
Yes! You can set up as many reader profiles as you like, for readers of any age.

If you’re a parent/caregiver who reads aloud to more than one child at a time or your family enjoys reading together, you can credit that reading time to multiple children’s accounts with a single click. There’s no need to log it in separately for each reader.

How can I share my reading with friends?
Try the Friends section on Beanstack! Readers can add other readers on your library's Beanstack site as friends. Friends can view each other's reading logs, challenge histories, and earned badges, as well as compete on their Leaderboards.

Sign in and click the Friends tab on the website or the Community button on the Beanstack Tracker app, and then click "Add Friends".

Clicking "Share Your Friend Code" generates a unique 7-character Friend Code - copy or share your code with your friends.

To enter a Friend Code that's been shared with you, select "Enter a Friend Code" under "Add Friends".


How do I update my password or details?
Tap the “gear” settings button in the top right and then tap “Edit Account.”

What is a challenge?

Challenges are another name for the program you or your family members are participating in. We have challenges for all age levels, and you will see which challenge you are eligible for depending on your age/grade. There are three different challenges in the summer: one for children, teens, and adults. Each reader must be enrolled in a challenge to begin logging their reading. 

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